Who we are

A company passionate about making a difference.
We are located in Minas Gerais, which by itself is already an invitation to the unique flavors of different types of cheese that please the most demanding palates.
Influenced by this wealth of palates, we design, develop and manufacture Racleteira Premium products for people who want to stand out with memorable moments and an incomparable gastronomic experience.
As we grew in love with the moments we spent around the table with family and friends, we always idealized to build something that directly impacted the way people eternalize these occasions.
Like good miners, cheese has always been a star in our cuisine. And in this way, the raclette with all its bias is a highlight, captivating us with its fruity and aromatic flavor, which goes well with different dishes.
From the idea of ​​designing an exclusive product to action, it was just a matter of drawing the first sketches to launch a complete equipment. So we started the project of our first Racleteira Premium, to bring Brazilian families all the creaminess and flavor of the raclette.
No matter where or when, we want to be part of your best moments. Therefore, we combine excellence with practicality. Each appliance is produced with great care so that our customers also share affection through gastronomy.